What is Induction?

Induction is an app for iPhone and Android that gives healthcare professionals the information they need to work in any UK hospital.

Who can use Induction?

Induction is designed to be used by anyone who works within a hospital. Doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, and all the rest of you lovely people who spend time helping others.

Who created Induction?

Induction was created by Induction Healthcare, a UK Limited company that creates high quality healthcare software which thousands of professionals choose to use every day.


Where do all your numbers come from?

Extensions and pager numbers for each hospital are contributed by users of our apps. We do not add any numbers ourselves (unless we are asked).

Hospitals that use our Kuma service sometimes also add numbers (and other great stuff) so that their users are always up-to-date.

What happens when I add a number?

Numbers that you add will be shared with all other users in your hospital. This is the beauty of the system.

Can I call a number from my phone?

Yes you most certainly can.

However, this is only possible if your hospital has a common external prefix that can be applied before the extension to create a full number.

Please ask switchboard if they have a prefix, and then add it for your hospital (via the settings).


Is it dangerous to store codes in the app?

Any codes that you add in the app are only ever stored on your device. They are never shared with other users.

To make sure your codes are properly protected please ensure that you have passcode protection enabled on your mobile device.

What sort of codes should I store?

That's completely up to you! Our users have told us that often they store access codes to wards, passwords for hospital computer systems and the old favourite - blood gas machines!


How do I get documents for my hospital?

If documents are not enabled for your hospital please feel free to drop us an email and we shall provide you with more information. The ability to deliver documents is available to free for all hospitals.

What are documents?

'Documents' refers to the specific approved guidelines/protocols/SOPs for a hospital or department. They are provided in PDF form, and are available to all users of the app immediately. Documents can also be organised into custom folders to allow for precise grouping by topic or theme.

An enterprise level audit system is included in our admin system for managing recurring reviews of documents, and nominated users responsible for actioning these reviews.

Enabling the documents feature requires that your hospital, or department, uses our Induction Admin platform (available free of charge). If you are interested in arranging a call to find out more about Induction Admin please email us at setup is fast and can be achieved in minutes.


Does Induction require an account?

Yes, our apps require you to register for an account with your full name, email and organisational role. We encourage users to register using a professional email address that they use within their organisation. The reason for this is that your hospital may choose to contact you through this email address.

Before you are able to access your account you are required to confirm, via email, that you have access to the email address that you entered.

Access to Induction Admin requires a special level of account which we shall set you up with.

Where is the data in Induction stored?

All our data is stored within secure data centres located within the UK.

What encryption do you use?

We use 256bit AES encryption for our data when it is at rest and 256bit SSL when it is in motion.

Induction Admin

What does it cost?

Induction Admin is currently available to all hospitals worldwide at zero cost for the first 3 years. All that we ask is that the hospital agrees to draw up a master-service agreement with us to provide the Induction service within their organisation.

Alternatively we offer a 'free forever' smaller and faster solution for individual departments within a hospital allowing user access control, and executive control over all your content (directory, documents and messaging).

For more information, and to start a no-obligation trial of the system please email

What is Induction Admin?

Induction Admin is a web-based platform designed for hospital administrators to manage the data stored for their hospital, or specific departments within a hospital.

Admin (as we call it) gives editing rights to numbers, allows the addition of official documents, protocols and SOPs. All backed by a full audit system to make sure that the data is kept fresh.

Please contact us for more information, and to get started we can set you up in minutes, and it costs nothing.

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