Location based extensions

A single place for all the numbers and bleeps that you need to connect with healthcare professionals working in your hospital.

The numbers are updated regularly by health professionals in every hospital, which means less time wasted on hold when switchboards are busy.


Call colleagues directly from your phone

The ‘Quick Dial’ function also allows you to respond to bleeps by calling the extension number straight from your phone.

This removes the need to wait for a telephone to become available and also allows you to answer when on the move in complex clinical environments.


Make your intranet content more accessible

Hospitals and Trusts spend significant time and effort maintaining intranet content, but this content is often underutilized when staff have limited time and access to computer terminals.

Induction Switch allows hospitals to increase the accessibility of select intranet content by making it available, securely, on staff mobile devices – particularly useful for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are always on the move. Smart caching ensures content is available even when internet connectivity is limited, and powerful version controls rapidly cascade updates as needed – improving staff satisfaction and compliance.


Inform your staff more effectively with News Feeds

Healthcare professionals rarely sit still behind a computer while at work – which makes institutional email an inefficient way for hospital leadership and administration to communicate with their staff.

Induction Switch allows hospital administrators and department heads to push multimedia notifications (“feeds”), securely, out to employees’ own phones - with different priorities depending upon the message. Each message is automatically marked as delivered and read as appropriate – providing an audit trail for important communications and an opportunity to follow-up when such messages remain unseen.


Reduce information risk by offering secure instant messaging

Widespread use of consumer messaging applications such as iMessage and WhatsApp represent significant sources of information risk for healthcare institutions.

Induction Switch allows hospitals to provide staff with an NHS approved alternative method of secure instant messaging – built with all the features users expect, but with additional security, integration and audit trail features required for healthcare applications.


Improve accountability with auditable records

Induction Switch employs a variety of features that make it easy to use and have confidence in for secure clinical messaging.

Users can see who has read their messages in direct and group communications. Delivery and read receipts form an easily accessible audit trail, and sophisticated integrations allow data and images to be archived within the electronic health record.


Streamline cooperation with roles based messaging

The healthcare system works around roles rather than individuals, which means doctors and nurses waste large amounts of time and energy trying to work out who holds a role at a particular time. For example, who is the cardiovascular surgery registrar on call right now? Who is in charge of bed allocation?

Induction solves these issues by allowing users to pick up and drop roles – just like a pager. Roles can be setup as a “hot potato” that can’t be dropped until someone else has picked it up, or configured to autorespond with escalation instructions if a role is unmanned.


Reduce time-to-treat with sophisticated integrations

Induction works well standalone – but gets even better when integrated, through our Induction HealthStream engine, with leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), laboratory management and patient administration systems (PAS). Examples of integration modules include automated notification when lab and radiology results become available, or notifications when patients get moved or discharged.


Avoid missed treatment with task management

Induction Switch allows clinical teams to share tasks amongst themselves using a simple interface designed specifically for the healthcare environment. Users can set a task for themselves, or send a task to others – to specific individuals or to a group, and accept tasks when allocated to them by others. These functions are accompanied by powerful analytics that promote accountability and identify bottlenecks in care.

See how Induction is currently being used

Induction is used by healthcare professionals around the world to connect with the people and information they need, collaborate and communicate securely.

Dr Olivia Dunscombe

Foundation Doctor, Kingston Hospital

Dr Josh Hodgson

Paediatrics Trainee, Royal London Hospital

We take security seriously…

Security must be at the highest level in a secure instant messenger used in healthcare. With Induction, you can feel confident discussing patient identifiable information and sending messages securely.

Verified Users

In the UK, users are verified using the GMC, NMC and HCPC. In Australia, all users must be AHPRA registered. Set up also requires multi-factor authentication to confirm user identification.

Encrypted Messages

All messages are encrypted in transit and rest by a zero knowledge encryption protocol using 256-bit to encrypt data whilst also ensuring messages can only be read by recipients. Messages will automatically delete after 30 days.

Secure Image Sharing

Photos and images are also encrypted in transit and rest and will not be stored on your device.

Biometric & Pin Protection

Induction requires FaceID, TouchID or pin code to enter the messaging section of the app and lost phones can be remotely wiped so that access cannot be gained to confidential information.

Storing Data Securely

Your user and patient data is stored securely in the country your hospital is based in. In the UK, data is stored on HSCN/N3 servers which are the servers recommended by the NHS.

Highest Security Rating

Induction received the highest security rating following external penetration testing.

Trusted by our users

“Induction has been the biggest positive impact to my daily clinical practice as a junior doctor. It’s user friendly with bleeps and documents that remove the extra level of stress when on-call”

Dr Alex Bunn

Junior doctor, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

“When doing resident on calls, Induction is invaluable for quickly contacting people at multiple different hospitals, often when I am an off site. It saves me so much time and ultimately improves care.”

Dr Sonia Rafferty

Specialty registrar London North West Hospitals NHS Trust

“As a Locum SHO working across a number of trusts, Induction is invaluable. Every day it saves me time and improves efficiency as a result; no matter which hospital I'm based in.“

Dr Henry Roscoe

Junior doctor, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Induction is probably THE essential app for all hospital doctors. I use it on a daily basis and would be genuinely lost without it!”

Dr Christian Hesford

Junior doctor, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

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